Artemis in the 7th and 6th centuries BCE

Moon goddess Artemis brings the gift of strength to say NO to forces that inhibit or bind you. With the inspired power Artemis gives you, you are a powerful being able to bring an end to destructive forces in order to start afresh.She established herself as a truly independent goddess from an early age.

Artemis in the 21 century

Playing music has always been the only sanctuary to Rima Taha .Music for many is a way of release from the binds of the world, losing yourself into the music and leave everything else behind, Rima has been able to offer this gift to the crowd destroying the ties, and refreshing their souls.

Rima Taha is an independent artist formerly known by STIGMATA that was created by her and ex partner Ziad Haddad, they decided to go on separate ways creating a name for themselves each one on his own. Rima will be now known by the name of ARTEMIS.

She started out in 2006 doing small private parties, in 2008 she made her first steps into music radio shows such as, Overdrive underground Chicago(, insomniafm Greece( . In 2009 she made a huge jump as she succeeded in taking the 4th place by competing against 3000 DJs from all around the world in “les jeux de la francophonie” ( franko Electro).

Some of the recent gigs that took place are the following:

- Bank Music Club - Batroun ( Winter 2009 )

- UNDERGROUND PASSAGE , Warm-up for kintar ( Argentina ) @ milk club (Winter 2009 )

- SUMMER MADNESS , After hours Sasha & digweed @ palapas Beach Resort ( Already Resident Summer 2009)

- Franko electro Celebration @ Electro Mecanique (summer 2009 )


- Electro mecanique Presenting Sound Of Techno (Summer 2009)

- After Hours @ Electro mecanique Presenting When Darkness Meet’s on the deep (summer 2009)

- Funk My Sound @ Mono Club FEaturing Pablo__ & BA (2010)

- Closing set for Kintar at Rimal beach resort (Summer 2010)

- Platinum Club Zahle presenting Techno Grooves (summer 2010)

- Closing Set For Javier medina @ Vanity Dance Space Odessey-3001 ( Art Lounge Beirut )

In addition to many different pubs around the country.